Setting Addresses

The owner address and the linked addresses are independent. This is crucial to understanding how NFD name resolution works.

To link addresses, navigate to the profile page of your NFD and select Edit.

Verified Addresses

By default, the wallet address that will resolve when sending to an NFD will be the owner address unless a verified address or unverified address are set. By setting a verified address or an unverified address you are selecting that wallet to receive funds instead of the owners.

By setting a verified deposit address, integrators are able to rely on this for matching your wallet to an NFD (reverse lookup). Without verifying the address (signing with the keys), the account cannot be fully trusted as anyone could just paste that address in and that could potentially be abused.

If you wish to connect multiple verified addresses to one NFD you need to use a wallet that lets you select multiple accounts at the same time such as Pera or Defly. To verify multiple addresses we require users to sign for both account A and account B in the same transaction group.

Unverified Addresses

To set an unverified address, paste in the wallet address in the 'Addresses' 'Unverified' tab while editing the NFD. Unverified addresses are not treated with the same trust level as verified addresses. However, it's important unverified addresses exist so accounts like a custodial wallet or smart contract can be set as an NFD and work for deposits only.

Primary NFD

Linking the same account to multiple NFDs may cause confusion as to which NFD you want displayed when doing a reverse lookup. To choose which NFD gets displayed for your address, you can select a Primary NFD for your account in the drop-down menu.

One account could own thousands of NFDs, but that doesn't mean you want to or need to set the deposit address for them. You only want to set the deposit address to your NFD if you intend to use it for transactions, and you want it to show up when someone looks up your wallet address.

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