NFD Profile

Everything about an NFD Profile

On every NFD profile you're able to see lots of data. On the header you're able to see name, bio, verified social medias, and influencer & donation badges.

In preferences (edit -> preferences) users are able to toggle the influencer badge on or off.

Information is broken up into different tabs on the profile - Details, Assets, Segments & More.


All metadata that is added to an NFD is visible in the 'Details' tab. This includes name, bio, verified & unverified addresses, social media links, email, websites and more. To learn more visitManage NFDs

Verified social media accounts show up at the top of the profile view under 'Verified'.


The NFD Assets tab aggregates all of the users NFTs and tokens between all linked accounts under one view. This is a powerful tool for creators as they can self identify their collections. Marketplaces can rely on creators self labeling their collections via NFDs.

You can toggle between Owned, For Sale & Creations.

The For Sale tab only displays NFTs listed for sale on Rand Gallery, ALGOxNFT and

Find more on the Assets tab in Assets & Vaults


Segments are distinct, sovereign NFDs that can be minted off root NFDs, adding an additional level that is separated by a “.”

Commonly known as 'sub-domains'.

Read all about Segments in Segments.

Details (Sales, Offers & History)

Sales shows a chronological list of sales & transfers of the NFD.

Offers shows a chronological list of all offers received for the NFD.

History shows a detailed chronological list of every update made to an NFD. This shows sales history and changes to the metadata.

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