Mint an NFD

Minting is purchasing a 'new' NFD, one that has not previously been created.

How to Mint an NFD

On the 'Mint' tab, search for anything you'd like. The NFD must be an alphanumeric containing letters A-Z and/or numbers 0-9, no special characters.

You are able to mint using a Ledger device. Make sure you're updated to the latest firmware as well as the latest Algorand Ledger app. You may also need to update your Ledger Live app.

Information about pricing can be found here.

You will need to sign two separate transaction groups to Mint & Claim your NFD.

  1. Mint and purchase

  2. Claim

If you mint a name but don't claim it, the name will be sitting in your accounts 'Reserved' tab found on the Manage page.

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