Secondary market for NFDs


The NFD Marketplace is the place to buy & sell NFDs which have already been minted.

Buy on the Marketplace

If you find an NFD you're interested in purchasing you can either 'Buy now' or 'Make an offer'. You'll see the user selling the NFD and if they have social media information filled in you could message them to negotiate.

When you make an offer, it's simply a note to the owner saying 'I am willing to pay X'. If the owner is willing to accept your offer, they can change the sale price and reserve the NFD for your address. If you make an offer and it's accepted, or if someone reserves an NFD for you (same thing), you will find the NFD reserved in your 'Manage' tab where you will need to claim it.

Sell on the Marketplace

Once you own an NFD you're able to resell it through the NFD Marketplace by selecting 'List for sale' on any NFD you own.

Be aware that putting an NFD up for sale will remove all metadata you've attached, including verified fields.

You're able to reserve the NFD for sale for a particular address by setting a sale price as well as the wallet address. You're also able to transfer an NFD and optionally cover the fee to claim. There is always a 1 ALGO minimum when transferring names.

NFDomains takes a 5% commission on all secondary sales.

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