Github Verification

Personal Verification

To verify Github, enter your handle into the Github field of your NFD (see Setting Metadata) & update it.

Once the field is updated, you will see a 'verify' option show up in the Verification tab, as well as in the Metadata tab below the Github field.

When you click verify, you'll see a dialog to 'start verification'. Click that. You'll next see a modal like this:

Follow the directions, creating a PUBLIC gist for your user with the contents as specified. Once completed, come back to the NFD page and click Confirm.

If your handle is an organization, do NOT create a gist but follow the changes below.

Organization Verification

Follow the directions above but instead of creating a gist, set the nfd-verify:xxx challenge value into a root file called ".nfd" in the .github Organization Repo for your organization.

If you don't already have a .github repo, one easy way of doing it is to click the 'create readme' link on the right of your organizations github profile page. You can also click the '+' dropdown menu and click New Repository - naming it .github.

If you choose the 'New Repository' route. Here is an example - notice it must be public !

If you create the empty .github repo like above, then click the 'creating a new file' link.

followed by naming the file '.nfd' and pasting in the challenge:

Commit the changes and then switch back to the NFD page and click Confirm.

Your Organization's Github Handle will now be verified.

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