Influencer Leaderboard

If you would like to be ranked on the Influencer Leaderboard, once your Twitter is verified, set your display name on to match your NFD. The twitter name must match your NFD exactly (aside from capitalization).
If you have multiple NFDs, ensure that only the one which matches your Twitter display name has a verified Twitter account. If you've already verified your Twitter account in multiple NFDs, remove the verified Twitter value (from edit->verification->remove) from the NFDs that don't match the name you've chosen in Twitter.
For example, if your NFD is trilemma.algo, then your Twitter name needs to be set to trilemma.algo as well (Different case is fine - ie: Trilemma, TRIlemma, etc). This is your twitter name, not your twitter handle. The handle never needs to change.
The Leaderboard will update roughly once an hour!
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