When I buy an NFD, do I own it forever?

Yes. This is not a subscription service. Any NFD you buy belongs to you forever unless you decide to resell it on the secondary market.

What about other naming services?

We sat for an interview with @Algorandintern, a community member who was concerned about the existence of two Algorand naming services using the same suffix. Find his article here:

Are you launching a token?

Nope. Teams focused on launching tokens are not 100% focused on the project.

Will NFDomains ever offer a different suffix or only the ‘.algo’?

We are Algorand maximalists, and we don’t plan to offer any other suffix for the foreseeable future. We are dedicated to building a best-in-class naming service for Algorand.

Are NFDs also NFTs?

Yes. NFDs are smart contracts that mint their own ARC-19 NFT that acts as a dynamic representation of the NFD in your wallet. Update the avatar in an NFD and the NFT's image and properties will automatically update to reflect the change in the metadata. TxnLab has developed the ARC-19 standard for this purpose. The NFT moves with the ownership of the NFD. The NFT is assigned to the owner's wallet and frozen until the NFD is sold. You must use the NFD Marketplace to transfer ownership of NFDs.

What are the best ways to receive notifications?

Follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications for the most up to date information. Join our Discord for even more updates!

What NFDs policy on trademarked terms?

Please find our Terms of Service here: https://nf.domains/terms

Do NFDs have a claw back feature?

No. We don’t believe we should control your property once you’ve bought it. Individuals are responsible for not losing their keys just like with any other on-chain asset. The NFTs have clawback enabled to claw it back from owner to owner when the NFD is resold. This does not give TxnLab the ability to claw it back.

What is the maximum length of an NFD?

27 characters – The max length of an ASA name is 32 characters which would leave five characters for ‘.algo’.

What is a Root vs. a Segment

Root NFDs (e.g., micali.algo) are distinct, sovereign NFDs that can mint an unlimited number of segments.

A root will have the following format - [xxx..].[algo]

Segment NFDs (e.g., silvio.micali.algo) are distinct, sovereign NFDs that can be minted off root NFDs, adding an additional level that is separated by a “.” Segments cannot mint other segments.

A segment will have the following format - [xxx..].[xxx..].[algo]

Are there costs associated with using an NFD once I own it?

Each NFD is a distinct contract instance and accounts. Accounts to hold state require a minimum ALGO balance. On top of the minimum ALGO balance, each transaction costs .001 ALGO. NFDs require 5 ALGO from each purchase to mint & fund the NFD which is included in the price, not on top of the price. This is known as carry cost.

Are special characters allowed?

No. Only A-Z, 0-9, and an Emoji library (supported in the future).

What are Curated auctions?

Curated names, like emojis and other names with great significance or rarity, will be released during scheduled Dutch auctions. Common and premium names can be bought for a flat price at any time. See Pricing

Is there a commission on secondary sales?

Yes, a 5% fee will be paid to TxnLab. This allows us to maintain the marketplace.

Can you make an offer on an NFD?

Yes, you're able to make an offer on unlisted or listed NFDs.

How do I set my address to resolve my NFD?


What if I buy an NFD but don’t set a deposit address?

The deposit address when set takes precedence over the owner address. If no verified or unverified addresses are set, then integrators will just resolve the owner address. Find more info in Metadata and Addresses.

What are verified fields and how are they different from user defined fields?

NFDomains offers off-chain verification services for certain fields such as Twitter and Discord. These offer a greater level of authentication that the NFD represents who it says it represents.

What makes an NFD real? Can someone fake it?

What defines a 'true' NFD is a global registry contract instance and local state against that. All NFDs ever created are permanent and linked w/ that registry contract instance. If someone created a fake, it wouldn't match the registry contract and wouldn't function like an NFD.

Is it possible to delete an NFD?

Nope. You can wipe the metadata associated with an NFD, but the name itself cannot be destroyed.

Can I transfer an NFD to myself?

Yes, you can reserve the NFD for another wallet and then have the other wallet claim it. There is a minimum of 1 ALGO enforced on any transfer. You can also gift NFDs this way only knowing the recipients wallet address. There is a built in 'transfer' feature where you can optionally send the 1 ALGO to the recipient so the NFD is truly free.

Can I mint an NFD using a Ledger?

Yes! NFDs are fully supported in the Algorand Ledger app.

What is Carry Cost?

The carry cost of an NFD is ~5 ALGO due to the minimum balance requirement on Algorand. NFDs purchase the maximum amount of contract storage at create time. Box storage may enable us to drastically reduce the carry cost of NFDs in the future.

Do you have an NFD you'd like to reserve for an individual or organization?

Introducing http://nfdwizard.algo.xyz

To redeem a name please message us on twitter (twitter.com/NFDomains) or email (tos@txnlab.dev).

The Wizard will accept any NFD transferred to it for 1 ALGO and hold it until it's ready to be claimed. When the NFD is claimed, the user who sent it will receive the ALGO from the sale. Reserve an NFD for someone you'd like to onboard into #Algofam!

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